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Benchmarking Process

Our benchmarking process starts with downloading the relevant DIT input form.
The primary task is to complete the form with the past 4 years' and last 5 quarters' operational and financial data for the first benchmark report. For subsequent benchmark reports, only the latest quarter require an update.
Televisory can assist in filling the form at a modest fee of US$200 per annum or US$100 per quarter report.

  • 2-minutes overview

    1. Select a Service

    Choose a service type from Basic or Premium which suits your benchmarking requirements.

  • insightful Webinar

    2. Select your DIT

    Televisory offers over 650+ DIT's across 21 sectors.

  • monthly Blogs

    3. Select your Region & Analysis Period

    Select your country of operation and the period you want to be benchmarked.

  • News of the day

    4. Select the GBC/RBC

    Select a global benchmark company (GBC) or a regional benchmark company (RBC) that you want to be benchmarked against.

  • News of the day

    5. For Premium Benchmarking,
    Select the Peers

    Select the peer group by region or size to be benchmarked against.

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    6. Complete the Input Form

    Complete the Input Form or let Televisory digitise it for you at a modest fee.

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    7. Upload Anonymously

    Upload your completed Input Form and our system will generate your Benchmark Report.

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    8. View & Save

    Check your Tele Inbox at the user dashboard for your Benchmark Report and set up the hyperlink if you wish to share your Benchmark Report.

21 Sectors

Our Benchmark service covers approximately 21 Sectors, 650+ DITs and 8000 GBC/RBC. Our services are available throughout the world.

  • Consumer Staples Sector
  • Logistics Service Sector
  • Food & Beverages Manufacturing Sector
  • Industrial Machinery & Engineering Sector
  • Consumer Products Distribution & Retail Sector
  • Metals, Minerals & Mining Sector
  • Textile, Apparels & Accessories Sector
  • Chemicals Sector
  • Home & Office Furnishing & Supplies Sector
  • Energy & Utilities Sector
  • Consumer Durables Sector
  • Construction, Infrastructure & Allied Industries Sector
  • Hospitality, Recreation & Entertainment Sector
  • Real Estate Sector
  • Health Care Sector
  • Financials Sector
  • Consumer & Commercial Services Sector
  • Communications Sector
  • Wood, Paper & Packaging Sector
  • Technology Sector
  • Transportation & Defense Sector

Our Anonymity

Our system does not require your identity or your company's to initiate the benchmarking process. Further more, your data will be encrypted before being stored in our system and your computer identity will be destroyed in our system. Thus, at any stage no one will know who the user is.